@2019 Hurley's Grooming.

  • Michelle Dixon

A New Year at Hurley's

Crikey, where did 2018 disappear to?! I guess the best place to begin is by wishing you all a very Happy New Year (at what point exactly do we stop saying it?) Yet another 12 months quickly slipped by, bringing us to the start of a fresh new year, full of opportunities and possibilities!

Whilst 2018 brought its challenges and trying times, it also saw the start of 39 Trent Blvd and a beautiful set of bricks that now house the new Hurley's. Seeing the salon bloom so brightly was at times a little bitter sweet but to finish the year on such a high alongside Jamie and Charlie was just amazing - none of which would have been achievable without the most incredible clients.

After a much needed two week break for Christmas, we reopen the doors to our adored pups, feeling humbled, grateful and beyond excited to see what this fabulous new year brings!

'Mutt of the Month'

OK. Now this is a goody!

Each month, we'll be choosing a 'Mutt of the Month' to add to a year of gorgeous hounds and will compile the snaps in to our first Hurley's Official Calendar for 2020...(told you it was good).

The winners will be based solely on the amount of likes and shares of each photo's so keep those eyes peeled. More on this to follow soon.


After letting ourselves settle in to new salon life and familiarising ourselves with the common occurrences in the life of your hounds, we plan to bring event days to you to help benefit and aid you in both the health and correct maintenance of your dogs' coat, in between their professional grooming appointments. We'll cover how to groom your dog correctly at home whilst using the right tools and building a strong bond with your dog during the process, too.

Not only this but a small makeover on our website is set to take place, our range of stylish, high quality products in the salon is certainly growing and as the start of Wedding season commences, our Wedding Day Dogs service will be kept very busy, too!

Phew. I'm tired already...

So, maybe I'll start to rap things up at this point. I've not uploaded a blog for over 12 months now and boy, have I missed it but with such a busy year ahead of us, I've no doubt there'll be opportunities aplenty to bring more of these to you.

Thank you to all of our customers - the new ones and the original's who've stuck by Hurley's from way back when it was a 7x5 garden shed. Your dogs are our dogs and we can't wait to spend another year loving, squeezing and beautifying them, too!

On behalf of Jamie, Charlie and myself, we wish you happiness, good health and wagging tails for 2019.

Michelle & Hurley x